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Investigations Dataset


Investigation Name:    Investigation into Grupo Aval's Activities in Colombia re: Odebrecht

Trend:    None

Type of investigation:    SEC, DOJ

Other Agencies Investigating/Assisting with SEC/DOJ Investigation:    Unknown

Whistleblower:    Unknown


Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores S.A. (Grupo Aval), a Colombian financial institution, trades its stock in the U.S. on the NYSE.

In a 6-K filed on December 11, 2018, Grupo Aval disclosed that it had received an inquiry from the DOJ concerning the Ruta del Sol 2 project, a road building project in Colombia.

In its 20-F filed on April 26, 2019, Grupo Aval disclosed that the SEC had also sent an inquiry about the Ruta del Sol 2 project.

Grupo Aval has said that it was cooperating with the inquiries.

Though the company's disclosures never specified that the inquiries were connected to any possible corruption issues or potential FCPA misconduct, the Ruta del Sol 2 project was also at issue in the FCPA enforcement action brought against Odebrecht in 2016, in which bribery of Colombian officials was alleged.

On August 10, 2023, the DOJ and SEC announced enforcement actions against Grupo Aval and its subsidiary Corporacion Financiera Colombiana S.A.

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