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Advanced Search

About Searching the FCPA Clearinghouse


To run an advanced search, you must first select from one of four datasets: Investigations, Enforcement Actions, FCPA Matters and Entities.

You can only search within one dataset at any given time. Each dataset includes a number of different data fields. When you select more than one option within a single data field, the search will insert "or" between the options. For example, if you select both "Basic Materials" and "Oil & Gas" within the Industry search field in the Investigations dataset, the search will look for all Investigations that involve either the Basic Materials industry or the Oil and Gas industry. When you query two different data fields, by contrast, the search will insert "and" between the fields. For example, if you select "Basic Materials" as the Industry and "Africa" as the Region of Alleged Misconduct in the Investigations dataset, then the search will return all Investigations involving both the Basic Materials industry and misconduct in Africa.

If you have questions about search functionality on the Clearinghouse website, please contact