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FCPA Groups Total Sanction
About the Heat Map by Total Sanction

    For each monetary range represented on the navigation bar, this heat map identifies the number of FCPA Groups filed since the statute's enactment for which the aggregate dollar value of sanctions imposed on all defendants to all Enforcement Actions within the Group falls within that range. The navigation bar organizes the data by count and color, putting the sanctions range with the largest number of FCPA Groups at the top in red, and the sanctions range with the fewest number of FCPA Groups on the bottom in yellow. Sanctions are adjusted to avoid double counting that could otherwise occur when, for example, sanctions are imposed jointly and severally on multiple defendants or a single sanction imposed on a parent entity is deemed to resolve claims against multiple different subsidiaries in multiple different enforcement actions. "No Sanction" means that no monetary sanctions were imposed on any defendant to any Enforcement Action within the FCPA Group. See About Us - Datasets for definitions of "Enforcement Action" and "FCPA Group."