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FCPA Matter Dataset


Type of FCPA Matter:    DOJ Enforcement Action 

Industry Involved:    Real Estate

Matter Initiation Date:    10/20/2015  Information

Entities and Persons Defendants:   

  • Francis Lorenzo
  • Heidi Hong Park
  • Jeff C. Yin
  • John W. Ashe
  • Ng Lap Seng
  • Shiwei Yan

Country(ies) Involved:    Antigua and Barbuda, Dominican Republic

Region(s) Involved:    Latin America

Total $ Bribery Payments:    Unknown

Total $ Revenue Generated from Bribery:    Unknown

Total $ Profit Earned or Expenses Avoided from Bribery:    Unknown

Total $ Monetary Sanctions:    $2,877,951

Sanction to Bribe Ratio:    Not Applicable

Sanction to Revenue Ratio:    Not Applicable

Sanction to Profit Ratio:    Not Applicable


Caption Initiation Date Type of Action Total Bribery Payments Total Monetary Sanctions

Company Name Type Related to Investigation Related to SEC Enforcement Action Related to DOJ Enforcement Action