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FCPA Matter Dataset


Type of FCPA Matter:    DOJ Enforcement Action 

Industry Involved:    Communication Services

Matter Initiation Date:    04/22/2009  Information

Entities and Persons Defendants:   

  • Cinergy Telecommunications Inc.
  • Amadeus Richers
  • Antonio Perez
  • Carlos Rodriguez
  • Cecilia Zurita
  • Jean Fourcand
  • Jean Rene Duperval
  • Joel Esquenazi
  • Juan Diaz
  • Marguerite Grandison
  • Patrick Joseph
  • Robert Antoine
  • Washington Vasconez Cruz

Country(ies) Involved:    Haiti

Region(s) Involved:    Latin America

Total $ Bribery Payments:    $2,656,000

Total $ Revenue Generated from Bribery:    Unknown

Total $ Profit Earned or Expenses Avoided from Bribery:    Unknown

Total $ Monetary Sanctions:    $9,144,277

Sanction to Bribe Ratio:    $9,144,277 / $2,656,000 = (344.29 %)

Sanction to Revenue Ratio:    Not Applicable

Sanction to Profit Ratio:    Not Applicable


Caption Initiation Date Type of Action Total Bribery Payments Total Monetary Sanctions

Company Name Type Related to Investigation Related to SEC Enforcement Action Related to DOJ Enforcement Action
Telecommunications D'Haiti Government Entity